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These downloads are unsupported and are provided "as is", without any guarantee of any sorts as to their functionality or ability to perform any specific task. They are not covered by OL Care and our Customer Care department will not provide any support for them. By downloading any of them, you are acknowledging these terms and accepting full responsibility for any problem or damage that may result from their use.

Other useful downloads

More tools for your toolbox
Sometimes, someone comes up with a great little utility and thinks "Hey, this might just help someone else!". We've assembled some of those tools for you here.

PlanetPress Suite Web Server
This barebones Web Server was created in order to capture the contents of HTML forms submitted by users and to write them to disk in XML format, where they can be picked up by PlanetPress Watch for further processing. Great to create demo applications of PlanetPress Watch or to offer your customers a simple Web Interface to submit requests. Basic documentation is included!
PressTalk Fonts
Converts any text using any TrueType fonts to PlanetPress Talk primitives. The program generates a complete PlanetPress Talk program you can cut & paste into a PlanetPress Talk object in your document. Try it with WingDings fonts and get instant access to a full library of cool graphics! This latest version includes a fix to an issue that caused invalid PlanetPress Talk code to be generated on systems whose decimal separator was set to something other than a period.
Utility that prints the Printer Status page required to activate Printer Licenses. This new release (Version 1.1) allows you to change the URL for the standard Status Page (if ever we move it from its current location on the web site) and also automatically prints a Minimal Status Page if the standard Status Page cannot be found or if the Standard Status page cannot be printed on your device.
The TrayPrint utility sits on your Windows Application Tray and monitors a folder for incoming data files. Whenever it spots one, the application pops up and allows you to pick a Windows Printer to which you can send the data file (Printers must already be configured with the correct trigger). This utility is of particular interest for users of applications that generate XML files natively. Further documentation is included in the ZIP file.
Trigger Generator for Windows Print Queues
A user-friendly way of generating triggers that are automatically inserted in your Windows Print Queue. Specify the name of the PlanetPress Suite Document that sits on your printer and click the Auto-create button. A separator page will automatically be created for that Printer Queue, with the appropriate instructions to trigger the specified document whenever any data file is sent to it.

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