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These downloads are unsupported and are provided "as is", without any guarantee of any sorts as to their functionality or ability to perform any specific task. They are not covered by OL Care and our Customer Care department will not provide any support for them. By downloading any of them, you are acknowledging these terms and accepting full responsibility for any problem or damage that may result from their use.

PlanetPress Talk Libraries

Let's Talk!
PlanetPress Talk is an extensible scripting language for PlanetPress Documents. Here are a few libraries of related functions to help you perform additional tasks easily within your documents.

When importing any function library, be aware that dependencies may exist. This has been known to raise errors which in turn cause confusion. Re-sequencing the functions is often the cure for this.

Amount Functions
These functions aim to provide a proper format to display amounts. The two main functions convert any amount, either a string or a currency, to be displayed in the standard American format with commas to separate thousands and dots for decimals. Three other functions altogether provide a way of transforming a string of digits into a full English text that designate the numeric value.
BarCode Functions
These functions provide a function able to create a 'Quick Response' Bar Code (also known as a QR-Code). This two-dimension matrix code can be displayed at any given size depending on the resolution set by the user.
CSV Function
This function aim to provide a way to retrieve a field record in a CSV file by the record number and field name.
Date Functions
These functions aim to provide the user tools to work easily with dates. It deals with date formats, leap years, days count between two dates, day of the week and so on. Take note that some tools such as finding the day of the week are provided in English and French languages.
File Functions
These functions provide a function that checks if a file is present on drive. It uses a Boolean value to provide the user a response.
String Functions
These functions aims to provide tools that deal easily with strings. It contains functions that relate to word processing tools such as: justify text, set proper case to deal with titles and/or sentences. There are also tools to deal with whole sentence such as a repeat, reverse sentence.

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