Objectif Lune’s mission is to free customers from legacy mentality by creating elegant software tools to help our customers communicate more effectively with their customers.

Design, distribution, management and/or re-engineering of data driven communications, all parts are covered, independent of hardware compatibility considerations.

Founded 20 years ago

Born in 1993 from an idea by three friends, Objectif Lune now has over 240 employees worldwide, serving over 20 000 organizations, who all want to bring their customer communications to the next level. With technical support around the world and 3 R&D facilities in Montreal, The Netherlands, and Australia, we work hard to make lives easier.

Product and Services

Best suited for commercial output, corporate output and IT & system integration markets, Objectif Lune’s portfolio consists of three main product lines : PrintShop Mail, PlanetPress and PReS. Covering the entire spectrum from entry-level to enterprise applications, our products have the ability to grow with our users' needs.

  • We create new ways, every day.

    Didier Gombert, Objectif Lune's CEO

A few simple principles we live by

  • 1
    Do not fear
    the legacy.
  • 2
    IT and Marketing fit together.
  • 3
    Empowering people feels good.
  • 4
    People should have freedom.
  • 5
    Treat people like you'd want to be treated.
  • 6
    Data is power.
  • 7
    Create new ways. BLOG