Tuesday, 10 April 2018

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How print services providers can stand out in a digital world

Did you know that attracting a new customer costs five times as much as keeping an existing one? So it might be worthwhile to learn how you can lure back your existing customers. Here are three ways to go about it and become irresistible in this digital world.
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What’s happening in the insurance industry in terms of digital transformation?

The insurance industry is lagging in its digital transformation. It appears to be in the vulnerability phase, which is characterized by low innovation and structural inefficiencies. So what are the digital options available and how insurers can embark on a digital transformation?
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Centralize your small print jobs in your internal processes

Small and medium-sized businesses often end up producing small amounts of mail that does not go through its printing department. And some companies simply don’t have a department responsible for printing or mail. So how can this mail be centralized and integrated into the company’s processes?
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Invoices, one of your most important transactional documents

Transactional documents are a company’s most important because they drive business. The important thing then becomes better understanding these documents to be able to get the most out of them. Let's focus on the most important transactional document: the invoice, its goals and challenges.
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How can you improve your customer service with digital delivery orders?

Customer service is a great opportunity to develop your customers’ loyalty. Given that it requires less effort for a business to retain its existing customers than to find new ones, every opportunity to keep them is precious. But for your customers to want to continue doing business with your company, you must provide them with a pleasant shopping experience: from the delivery of your products to receipt of the invoice. So how can you provide better customer service in the field?
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