Thursday, 23 May 2019

Release of OL Connect 2019.1: everything is easier for the user

Objectif Lune is launching OL Connect 2019.1, the new version of PlanetPress Connect, PReS Connect and PrintShop Mail Connect. In this edition, we have emphasized ease-of-use and an optimized user experience.

Apart from continuous improvements, we have developed new functionalities to better guide the user. Thanks to the “Project Wizards”, the user can simply use the predefined file and folder structures and follow the different steps.

Another improvement for the users: the multilingual translation templates that make translation processes easier without needing lines of code.

What's more, the code debugging script will allow support technicians to save considerable time.

With this release, we also offer a major new option: the possibility of subscribing to PlanetPress Connect via an annual subscription. You can now leave it up to the users to choose between a perpetual or an annual licence. This improves our alignment with our customers’ technological reality and the digital transformation context.

To discover the new features of OL Connect 2019.1 in more detail, download the datasheet for each product:

PlanetPress Connect 2019.1 What's new

PReS Connect 2019.1 What's new

PrintShopMail Connect 2019.1 What's new


Read all about the new features in the Release Notes:

Release Notes 2019.1 PlanetPress Connect

Release Notes 2019.1 PReS Connect

Release Notes 2019.1 Printshop Mail Connect