Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Microsoft Silver Partner Dynamic People adds PlanetPress Connect to its product portfolio

Dynamic People, a Microsoft NAV / AX (ERP) and CRM competent partner, has added the latest PlanetPress Connect solution from partner Objectif Lune to its product portfolio.PlanetPress Connect uses open standards for simple multi-channel communication. 

Objectif Lune expects a great deal from the cooperation with Dynamic People on account of their expertise and strong practical know-how and experience with Microsoft Dynamics. We developed an AX plugin, enabling seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Planet Press Connect. This plug-in already contains a number of standard AX documents, ensuring that customers can get started quickly.

 “Objectif Lune has over 20,000 customers globally and enables more effective customer communication possible with its product line. The integration of PlanetPress in AX will make it much easier to create and maintain document templates. In a rapidly changing world where customer needs evolve very quickly, this will lead to the possibility of big savings on costs. It provides AX customers with a digital output solution that can be implemented quickly and flexibly and without long implementation periods”, says Jeroen Bunck, CEO of Dynamic People.

Using powerful graphic interfaces (WYSIWYG) makes it very easy to apply and monitor the house style and corporate identity on all your documents. Document creation is no longer an elusive specialist field and can be used widely for printing, email (HTML & PDF) and web portal with a single template.

The innovative software from Objectif Lune enables the creation of strongly personalised communication based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This is then easy to send via the desired channel, both digitally and on paper. Thanks to the user-friendly designer module, a document only needs to be created once.

The communication format is then adapted to the medium automatically. This enables users to change the channel of communication effortlessly, e.g. from print to email and from the Web to devices such as a smartphone or tablet with responsive presentation on the screen.

 With PlanetPress Connect, Dynamics customers save a lot of time and, therefore, costs. They can respond to their customer’s needs more quickly, resulting in targeted communication and a higher level of customer satisfaction. The solution is also extremely scalable and suitable for small and medium-size enterprises and even for larger organisations with the faster PReS Connect version.


About Dynamic People

Dynamic People is a Microsoft-certified partner that advises on, implements and manages Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM. Dynamic People provides complete solutions for its customers, with all the business processes incorporated into a single central software environment to maximise availability, scalability, security and uniformity. Dynamic People specialises in providing solutions for business services and organisations dealing in commodities such as cereals, fats, proteins, metals, etc. and/or wholesale organisations with production facilities. For more information, visit




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