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Jump to new posts Re: Issue with LMUD1N4Z.EXE by Jean-Cédric @ 05/23/17 02:52 PM

I wouldn't terminate your printer in Windows. I do not know about the LMUD1N4Z.exe program. For that you would need to contact Lexmark. Now PlanetPress doesn't have its own version of them. If you are talking about the Design tool, you can add a PPD
Jump to new posts Issue with LMUD1N4Z.EXE by Stj_oper Dennis @ 05/23/17 12:48 PM

I get run on processes in the task manager called "LMUD1N4Z.EXE" It says that it is a Lexmark program. I am wondering if I can delete some of the printers in my list in windows to hopefully stop the run on job? I realize it needs to run a
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Jump to new posts Re: E-Mail Plugin PDF-Attachment Format by Jörg @ 05/19/17 08:32 AM

I have investigated and to clarification: When the Mail Contenttype is Content-Type: application/ms-tnef; name="winmail.dat" Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary the Planetpress-Workflow Mail-Plugin (via POP3) can read the Attachments
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Jump to new posts Re: PPD Drvier - Printer model HP LJ M402dn. by Mike M @ 05/19/17 07:08 AM

Yes we are using a Postscript Driver. I did download the HP Universal Driver and extracted the PPD file from it but it will not add into Design I get the message, PP0014: The following PPD could not be imported name of file - hpcu196s.ppd