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Jump to new posts Re: Remove a coma in a number on a PDF (workflow) by Jean-C├ędric @ 06/17/19 10:40 AM

You would have to extract the metadata value into a variable/jobInfo. Then, in a script, remove the comma from that variable. After that, put back the new value into the metadata using the Metadata Fields Management plugin.
PlanetPress Workflow
Hi, I'm trying to sort on metadata a pdf on a number, but sometimes the numbers have a coma in it ex. (3,550) and it gives me an error(not numeric) how can I remove that coma from that number before I do the sort?
Jump to new posts A FEW Ways Bracelets Increase The Glimpse by Paisley @ 06/14/19 04:09 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: SQLinside Database Properties by Philippe F. @ 06/13/19 05:23 PM

So since you always want to return the location (it'll automatically be blank if the field is empty), you don't need to use ISNULL in the SELECT part of your statement. It would seem to me that all you need is a slightly different WHERE clause, in wh
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Jump to new posts Re: Royal Mail Mark, Optimized PS - processing slow by Philippe F. @ 06/13/19 04:53 PM

Yep, the more separate jobs you send, the more the accumulation of first-page-out delays (1 per job) becomes significant. But before jumping to conclusions, you could try this: use your previous template (that used to print OMR marks) and have it ru
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Jump to new posts Re: Value of %h at midnight by Philippe F. @ 06/13/19 04:44 PM

Definitely 00, because 24:00 doesn't actually exist (just like the 60th second in a minute and the 60th minute in an hour don't exist).