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PlanetPress Workflow
Jump to new posts How to determine workflow is finished completely ? by Andy1974 @ Today at 01:21 AM

Hello everyone ! Happy new year 2018 !! My question is I've a workflow to capture invoice text data from folder(DATA1). Then after capture these text data, it'll generate into invoice pdf file by each customer and then save into another folder(DAT
PlanetPress Workflow
Jump to new posts Windows Input Queue Error by Godwin @ Yesterday at 05:49 PM

I have a process that is setup to read Windows Printer Queue. Frequently i am noticing the following error. The Printer is in Paused Status. ERROR: W3070 : Input WinQueue, error: W3077 : Could not get exclusive access to spool file ERROR: WinQueue
PlanetPress Design
Jump to new posts Install PlanetPress print driver by Wladson @ Yesterday at 03:18 PM

Hi, I created a process whose document should be sent to the printer I created (PrinterTest) for example, similar to the planetpress printer. How to distribute / install this printer on client machines, is 10? Do you need to install the planetpress d
PlanetPress Design
Jump to new posts Re: PlanetPress 7 design - Floating data mapping by Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre @ 01/12/18 01:01 PM

Hi JeremieD, It's going to be very difficult to help you on the newsgroup, without seeing the full data, and we'll most likely have questions for you. Therefore, I suggest that you open a Technical Support call, and have one of the technicians look
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Jump to new posts Re: dynamic background images by #ITRulz @ 01/11/18 09:08 PM

Hi Raphael, Solved it with Hiro's help, I had to put each User in the Data as multiple records, then I could write an expression on dynamically changing the background based on another Data field value. I have zipped up file if anyone wants to check
PlanetPress Design
Jump to new posts Re: Problem Installing PostScript Font by Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre @ 01/11/18 09:28 AM

Hi Dougal, I believe it would be best if you contacted Technical Support for this issue, as someone will need to take a look at your system to determine whether it's the font itself that is problematic, or if there's a problem with your PlanetPress