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Jump to new posts Re: Have issues printing a non standard size label by Jan Torben Krant @ Today at 03:45 AM

Thanks for the answer. I donĀ“t understand most of it, so I think its better to contact the support
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Jump to new posts Re: Accommodating multiple output files with same name by hiskeys @ Yesterday at 04:51 PM

Thank you for your responses. I found the list of commands by right clicking in the file output and going to variables. So I'm using the month and day, in addition to the minute and second that was already there. Since the files mentioned only come
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Jump to new posts Re: General guidelines on optimizing throughput by douglasb @ 05/23/18 11:42 AM

Thanks Stuart Further investigation is making this look like a network issue. There are two warehouses both using the same make/model of printers. There is a similar printer in the printroom at the local warehouse. There is another similar printer in
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Jump to new posts Re: Highlight alternating lines in PDF by rfielder @ 05/22/18 10:19 AM

Steven - just a warning, based on our experiences. I don't know how you use the document, so this may not apply to you at all. Many of our documents are scanned into an image retrieval system. Because of this, we have all but banned the use of sha