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Jump to new posts Creo VPS version by hirot @ 11 minutes 15 seconds ago

Hi, Customer got question about support VPS version of PSM V7 and latest of VPS version. I checked in output file that say VPS-1.0 or VPS-1.5 by PS option, so looks support V1.5 by PSM V7. What is latest VPS version, however ? Regards,
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Jump to new posts Re: Printing Multiple Copies of a Document by Godwin @ Yesterday at 08:38 PM

The looping caused slowness in printing which was not accepted by the Users and i ended up adding a press talk code in the design document using a loop to produce multiple pages of the same document and it works faster.
Jump to new posts Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607) by Jonathan @ Yesterday at 10:50 AM

May you please advise if PlanetPress Suite 7 (7.6.2) is fully compatible/certified with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607)?
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Jump to new posts Re: Error Causing PPWatch Service to Hang by Solar @ Yesterday at 07:13 AM

Thanks, have enabled this
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Jump to new posts Center Images Porportionally by Arch1 @ 02/20/17 01:01 PM

Hello, is there a way to force images to fit in a place holder size regardless of the size of the image?
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Jump to new posts Re: Sql varchar(max) error with database task by jim3108 @ 02/19/17 10:36 AM

Excellent, thank you. Worked a treat!
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Jump to new posts Re: Fint text and instert object by Philippe F. @ 02/17/17 04:53 PM

It is technically possible but it would require a fair amount of scripting. You're better off contacting our Professional Services team for a quote. The implementation details of that kind of project are way beyond the scope of these forums.
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That's great! Thanks for the info.
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Jump to new posts Find text and insert signature by moricaud @ 02/16/17 09:43 AM

Hello, I have below problem. My external solution generete a lot of pdf's with different templates with signature place (white font -> @signature@) I need to use anato pen and make something like this: Capture pdf. Find "@signature@" I
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Jump to new posts Re: Logging level questions by joersmith @ 02/16/17 09:08 AM

Thank You!
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Jump to new posts Re: Tray Call Question by Philippe F. @ 02/15/17 03:53 PM

It sounds like a device specific behaviour. Try adding a blank page at the very end of your job and check from which tray that blank page is being pulled from. But perhaps it is simply due to your Run Page being ejected at the end of the run? Doubl
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Jump to new posts Re: transparent clipped region of PDF by Philippe F. @ 02/15/17 03:37 PM

The PDF is transparent by default at output time. You can't see it in PlanetPress Design (because it gets displayed as a bitmap) but that's only while you're designing your template. When you actually run the job (or generate a preview), then you'll
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Jump to new posts Re: Script tools ? by Wolfgang @ 02/15/17 11:06 AM

If you do a lot of VBScripting, I recommend's also free and has clean simple debugging in real time.
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Jump to new posts Re: N up Cut and stack (singled sided letters) by RobertOtis @ 02/15/17 09:37 AM

Dear IMDJBUZZ, In order to re-order your data you will need to use the plug-in Telescoping Sort. you can find it on the following link: Thanks