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Jump to new posts Re: Soap API - random "Access Denied" messages by Dougal2345 @ Today at 08:11 AM

Hi, thanks for this - it's not quite that though, because 99% of the time everything works - just occasionally, we get an 'Access Denied' (or, more rarely, the 'EFOpenError'), with nothing unusual about the requests that cause them - indeed, re-issue
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Jump to new posts Re: Printing Heterogeneous Documents in a Packet by jouberto @ 09/19/18 10:39 AM

Hi, If your invoices and statements are from different job data files, it should always start on a new front as the printer will treat it as a new job. If using the same job data file, invoices and statements could be outputted, then the method to a
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Jump to new posts Re: Limited colors on images by Bryce @ 09/18/18 04:45 PM

Solution: Document > Properties > Resource options > Picture compression level. Raised the value from 1 to 70. (Not realizing that the higher the number = better image quality.....) I must have changed it at one time to see what would hap
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Jump to new posts Re: If Value is less than 10 by jouberto @ 09/18/18 02:31 PM

I would also recommend to trim, since you pull 5 characters and compare to 2 characters, make sure both numeric comparison and trimming occur
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Jump to new posts Re: QR-Code is (sometimes) wrong by Jean-C├ędric @ 09/17/18 10:14 AM

Just like that, it might be that Memo has a length higher for its field then Text. I haven't checked but that would make sense.