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Jump to new posts Re: Floating Point Division By Zero Error by Duane Sellers @ Yesterday at 09:32 AM

is there a repair tool in the software?
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Jump to new posts Re: RunScript Condition Weird Results by Ken Stulce @ 09/22/17 01:33 PM

Is there a preferred method, or is it even possible, to hard return out of a condition RunScript back to PPWatch with the proper Script.ReturnValue? From Python, I've tried "return", "quit()", "exit()", "sys.exit
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Jump to new posts Re: Images in Virtual Drive not Printing in Printer by Yannick Fortin @ 09/22/17 12:02 PM

The Virtual Drive is designed to be a mirror of what is stored on the printer for preview and PlanetPress Imaging (Image and Fax). In order to use picture resources when printing, the images must be downloaded to the printer in addition to the Virtu
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Jump to new posts Re: Script to calculate total in a .txt file by Jean-Cédric @ 09/22/17 10:50 AM

You need to adapt and understand the script....just copy and paste it will probably don't work.
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Jump to new posts Re: I need training with metadata and vbscript $$$ by Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre @ 09/22/17 09:40 AM

Hi sygui, I would recommend that you call your OL sales rep, and see what options are available in regards to training. Regards, Raphaël Lalonde-Lefebvre
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Jump to new posts Re: Merge a subset of PDFs by Jean-Cédric @ 09/20/17 10:59 AM

You could do it with a script using the Alambic API. That will surely increase the speed of merging.
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Jump to new posts Re: Error when opening Database by Mosquitocoils @ 09/19/17 09:05 PM

Hi 3ma, we recently had this issue with using W10, Access 2016, and PrintShop Mail 7.1.3. We finally figured out that the Visual Basic reference to Access 2016 is not enabled by default. To fix - - Open Access - may need to open a database, not sur
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Jump to new posts Re: Incremental increasing a text box value by Gina Godbey @ 09/18/17 01:23 PM

Thanks, Kevin! That's what I ended up doing and it worked.
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Jump to new posts Re: Installing postscript font by stuartg @ 09/18/17 10:35 AM

The name of the font had been corrupted. I redid everything very carefully and its now ok.
Jump to new posts Re: Is it possible to highlight variable text? by Sander vd Berg @ 09/18/17 09:31 AM

You could also consider pasting from Wordpad. While there are differences in text handling between Word and PSM, Wordpad and PSM use the exact same underlying control and there would be no chance of any formatting getting lost. Wordpad also supports