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Jump to new posts Re: Vbscript by Philippe F. @ Yesterday at 06:24 PM

The PlanetPress VBScript is Windows ActiveScript version of VBScript, exactly the same as WScript or CScript but with one very importannt distinction: it does not descend from the Wscript/CScript objects. That's why any method you find on the Net tha
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Jump to new posts Re: Setting VBScript value for firstdayofweek by rfielder @ 03/16/18 02:04 PM

Raphaël Thanks!
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Jump to new posts Problem error with EPS2.TMP by SSimon @ 03/16/18 12:56 PM

Hi there During processing my files in Watch (about 5k), Digital Action Plugin started to generate an issue like: ERROR: W3001 : Error while executing plugin: Error opening C:\Users\FIGPLA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\PtkRip1428-01009ZKBVJ9HW57\~EPS2.TMP:
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Jump to new posts Re: Dynamic Colour Printing by Jean-Cédric @ 03/16/18 10:55 AM

In the "Advanced Paper Handling" of your form page, you can select options from the PPD of your printer (provided the printer you use has a PPD with said commands in it). In the test I have done here on our Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C70h
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oohh doh me... form was in 'printer centric' mode... sorry for the interruption.
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Jump to new posts Re: Getting an error when printing a source PDF file by Jean-Cédric @ 03/15/18 10:59 AM

You could try to send it via Windows LPR as a test. To do so, copy the PDF into your C:\users\<your user> folder. Then open a dos prompt (cmd). Syntax is as follow: LPR -S <ip of printer> -P <printer port> <PDF name> Of co
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Jump to new posts Re: Remove leading zero by Mario @ 03/15/18 06:33 AM

Thanks, but do you have an example for this? We usually dont work with code edit: Fixed it, thanks! define( &ticket,integer,strtoint(@(1,1,7)) ) Show(inttostr(&ticket))
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Jump to new posts Re: Email Address is getting put in the xml file by Jean-Cédric @ 03/14/18 05:50 PM

Ah..ok...simply an empty field will not remove the <Email>...yes, you should get the email from the data.
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Jump to new posts Re: Numbering Issue by Jean-Cédric @ 03/14/18 03:30 PM

look here
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Jump to new posts Re: ToPage FromPage VBScript by SupProgrammer @ 03/14/18 01:51 PM

Ok, I new see why I am getting this error message. The variables are not created as part of the Process in Workflow. I was under the impression these were set variables with in the workflow server and not local variables that you create. So my m
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Jump to new posts Re: Catching errors runtime by Jean-Cédric @ 03/14/18 10:41 AM

Here is the link to the explanation for this error. In Workflow Configuration go to: Workflow orange button (upper-left corner)->Preferences->Plug-in->General->Log level and select "All events with details". You can also look