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Jump to new posts Re: Snapping points not working correctly by Jean-CĂ©dric @ Yesterday at 02:58 PM

Could it be that when you have that undesired behaviour, a PressTalk is involved as one of the 2 objects? In the PressTalk, I would suggest to always use the same syntax as provided when you convert a Text object to a PressTalk object. You can find
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Jump to new posts Re: WinQueue by cosimo @ Yesterday at 12:26 PM

Hello, This question is currently being handled internally by Support. Thanks
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Jump to new posts Fail to open PDF by BBC @ 01/17/19 10:50 PM

Hello, i use print shop mail version 7.1.3. after i reinstall window XP and back to use PSM. When i input PDF file it always show "Fail to open PDF" dialog box and didn't show anything. by the way, if i input jpeg file it's ok. How can i
Jump to new posts Re: Question on end of support PP suite ? by Philippe F. @ 01/17/19 03:38 PM

The official Policy for supporting our products is that we will keep supporting them for as long as it is technologically feasible (for instance, if an end-of-lifed product no longer works on a future version of Windows, or is incompatible with a new
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Hello MariaM, I will speak with MartinS as soon as possible and we will provide you with an update regarding your situation ASAP. The communication will most likely take place outside of this forum since you already have an open ticket with us. Than
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Jump to new posts Re: Output Tray by Wladson @ 01/17/19 03:19 PM

Originally Posted By: Jean-CĂ©dricSince you are using the Print using a Windows Driver plugin, you will have to setup a conditional branch for each user. In each branch, you will use a different settings for the output bin in the Print using a Windo
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Jump to new posts Re: Global Condition Not a String by daveg@rexlumber. @ 01/17/19 03:16 PM

Thank you I will try.
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Jump to new posts Re: SFTP WorkFlow V7.6.2.9999, by hiskeys @ 01/15/19 09:41 AM

Evidently, we need to do the same thing, trying to switch from FTP port 21 to 22. Could you explain a bit more in detail how to fill out the External Program window above? And what do you mean by 'all of the steps in a script file'? Thanks much.
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Jump to new posts Re: Linking a Database changes the software by shradz @ 01/14/19 10:42 AM

That did seem to work, thank you very much!
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I appreciate the information. I am looking to replace the machine in the near future so I will make sure we have enough RAM.