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PlanetPress Workflow
Jump to new posts Removing Type 1 Fonts from postscript output by Blue_Nose @ Yesterday at 06:15 AM

Hi, I need to produce a postscript file with no Type 1 fonts. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this? Thanks
PlanetPress Workflow
Jump to new posts Re: Duplicate Printout Issue by Godwin @ 11/17/17 06:42 PM

It is Windows Output Queue
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Jump to new posts Temp Folder Access by Lance @ 11/17/17 02:12 PM

Hi, Is there any way to change the default Temp folder location in Planet Press design from C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\PlanetPress Design? Our company has implemented a DenyTemp policy in Windows, and that has broken Design as it can
PlanetPress Workflow
Jump to new posts Re: Triggering a process when using a database by RobertOtis @ 11/17/17 09:59 AM

Jehsse1, There a couple of ways you can do this. 1- Start your process with a create file as first step, second step is the PlanetPress Database plug-in, this way you can setup your process by going into the propiertys of the Process (Right click o
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Fantastic - thanks Martin.
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Jump to new posts Re: Changing FormName in the workflow process by jwbf @ 11/15/17 09:15 AM

Hi Raphael, Thanks! We use 'PlanetPress Image' to output to a folder. That way, the 'XML and PDI' index files are generated at the same time. And FormName 'Monthly' is expected in the XML file. I did as instructed in your message but the last ste
PlanetPress Design
Hi, Without testing and seeing the XML file, I would say this: Code: &Sum_Max:=XmlCount('/XXRFGSCMINV[1]/LIST_G_INVOICE[1]/G_INVOICE['+inttostr(&actual_inv)+']/LIST_G_INVOICE_LINE_SUMMARY[1]/G_INVOICE_LINE_SUMMARY') %reset global varia
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Jump to new posts Re: Reporting Via A Workflow by Dean @ 11/15/17 05:17 AM

Apologies for the tardy response... Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a go. Best Dean
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Jump to new posts Re: Unexpected error from external database driver (1) by Jean-C├ędric @ 11/13/17 05:16 PM

If you are a reseller than you have OLCare by default. See my previous post to open a technical support ticket.