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Sorry for the delay. I've been busy on other projects. I will try this as soon as I can and reply back with the results. I appreciate the suggestion! Thanks, Chad
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Jump to new posts Re: ASCII code invalid by PEPE @ 03/24/17 04:26 PM

Finally i get the solution! I s a litle biot xtreme but the expression ALT + 255 works correctly. i change the operative system. i had windows 10 but now i have windows 7. i have I7 processor with windows 7... the installation was difficult becau
PlanetPress Workflow
Jump to new posts Re: PPImage failing to restart by Sophie @ 03/24/17 10:48 AM

Hi Neil, Can you check for more informtation in the Application Windows Event ?
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Jump to new posts W3021 error with Email Input in workflow by Chris Dea @ 03/24/17 10:32 AM

Hi, we got PP7 in the past month and I am trying to set up a process to automate some email input tasks. We are running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3 as our email server with POP3 working fine with other applications. However, when I try to us
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Jump to new posts Re: Font Selection in "Send Email" plug-in. by MartinS @ 03/24/17 04:29 AM

No that's not possible as it is plain text without any fonts and styles assigned, and the font used to view the text is part of the email client. If you like to apply a certain font you would need to use html formatted text.
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Jump to new posts Re: "Page X of N" works in Design, but not in Workflow by Jean-Cédric @ 03/21/17 06:42 PM

Of course...duhhhh!!! (to me not to you ;-) ) Metadata can't work in Printer Centric...they are PC based!!!!
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Jump to new posts Re: Alpha Counter by CZDRS @ 03/21/17 11:26 AM

Dan and Philippe, Thank you.
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Jump to new posts Re: Error code 123: syntax is incorrect by Harry Musgrave @ 03/20/17 08:03 PM

Thanks Philippe. I managed to find out to create the startup process myself yesterday. What I didn't find out was how to make the startup process run - the folder capture that pops into the process by default must have failed so nothing happened. Any
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OK, I figured it out. I found where I had to add the line &AddCount := 0 between the two endif statements in the loop. I've got it working now. Thanks! Alesa
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Jump to new posts Re: Remove PPD from available options in DESIGN by Jean-Cédric @ 03/20/17 01:49 PM

Remove it from the %root%\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Suite 7\PPD. Then refresh your PPD list using the button to that effect.