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#39735 - 06/01/12 04:20 PM getting Error code 32: when trying to pull data
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This is happening on my workstation, when I do the same thing from where planet press is installed it works fine.
In the designer I have my sample data selected and click under tools Data Selection. I draw a rectangle on my design and then when the data selection window opens I click on the use data selector button and highlight the fields I want and click ok, that is when I get the Error code 32.

If I have the Data Pane window open, highlight the field I want and drag it to the design it works fine.

Here is the full error log:
Crash Dump - DDMSPurchaseOrder.pp7* - PlanetPress Design - Exception occurred on 2012/06/01 15:51:18

Error message: Exception EOSError in module PPress.exe at 0013636E.
Error updating data file: Error code 32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

ExceptAddr: 0053736E
hInstance: 00400000
VirtAddress: 0013636E

Line: 0

Call Stack:
[00537369]{PPress.exe }
[00A9A292]{PPress.exe }
[00BAE583]{PPress.exe }
[00B87199]{PPress.exe }
[4010A9A3]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.WndProc + $157
[4010AADB]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.DefaultHandler + $12B
[4010A9A3]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.WndProc + $157
[40039478]{rtl60.bpl } Classes.TDataModule.WriteHeight + $20
[4010AA87]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.DefaultHandler + $D7
[4010A9A3]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.WndProc + $157
[40039478]{rtl60.bpl } Classes.TDataModule.WriteHeight + $20
[400F582F]{vcl60.bpl } Forms.TApplication.ProcessMessage + $83
[00B83E3D]{PPress.exe }
[00AAEF3C]{PPress.exe }
[00A9F257]{PPress.exe }
[40107D36]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TControl.MouseUp + $2A
[40107D70]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TControl.DoMouseUp + $2C
[401075BC]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TControl.Perform + $24
[4010A838]{vcl60.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.IsControlMouseMsg + $80
[40039478]{rtl60.bpl } Classes.TDataModule.WriteHeight + $20
[400F582F]{vcl60.bpl } Forms.TApplication.ProcessMessage + $83
[00BC06E4]{PPress.exe }

I couldn't find Error Code 32 when searching the forums. Again this works fine when I am on the server that has planet press installed on it, but not working from my workstation that only has the designer loaded. A reboot of the workstation did not help either.

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#39741 - 06/04/12 10:00 AM Re: getting Error code 32: when trying to pull data [Re: starsfan4ever]

Hi Starsfan4ever,

Can you please do the following:

1.- The document that you are working on and completely close PlanetPress
2.- Press the CTRL key on your keyboard and without releasing it double click on the PlanetPress design icon. Keep the CTRL key pressed until the application completely opens.
3.- Reopen the document that you are working on and attempt the same actions that triggered the error.

If the issue remains:
1.- Close the document
2.- Create a brand new PlanetPress document
3.- Take exactly the same data and connect it to the new document.
4.- Perform the same actions that triggered the issue on this new document.

If the issue is not present reopen your document (without closing the new document)

Pay attention to the following steps. The order of the following actions is important.

From your original document:

1.- Select the styles and copy/paste them to the new document.
2.- Select the conditions and copy/paste them to the new document
3.- Select the variables and copy/past them to the new document
4.- Select the functions and copy/past them to the new document
5.- Select the Picture resources and copy/past them to the new document
6.- Select the Pages and copy paste them to the new document. Do not forget to delete the default page (Page1) that is created on every new document.
7.- Perform once again the actions that made the issue appear.

** Basically the copy/paste needs to be done from the top down (follow gravity) as the components below might have references to the components above.

If none of the above works please open a tech support at

Have a great week.