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#56494 - 11/09/18 08:14 AM Little boxes in PDF
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I have a process with Database input that outputs to XML. It then generates a PDF file with the information.
The data source in the Database tables is vendor input. They put in their name, address, commodity description, etc..
In Design, I created a text box and hard coded the field names and then dragged the corresponding XML nodes as the variables.
The output PDF looks fine except for the little boxes between the words in the variables.
I was able to remove some of the little boxes with the Replace function in SQL that removes the TAB in user input.
Little boxes still show up occasionally.
Any suggestions on how to get rid of the little boxes?

#56495 - 11/09/18 08:41 AM Re: Little boxes in PDF [Re: jwbf]
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Most likely those little boxes are character that aren't defined in the current encoding of the font you are applying to your Text object.

I'd say your first move is to find what character they are. You can do so in the Design tool:
  • Double-click in the Data Sample panel
  • In the upper-right corner, click on the icon labeled HEX
  • Scroll down until you see your character that is causing the little boxes
  • Open the Style, you have applied in your Text object, from the Style folder
  • Next to the Encoding drop-down list, click on the button
  • In the View drop-down list, select Hexadecimal
  • Find the corresponding cell that matches your character as you found it from the Hex viewer.
  • From the Available glyphs scroll-down list, drag a space to the cell of your problematic character.
  • Repeat the previous steps for all other problematic character as well as all style involving said character.

#56496 - 11/09/18 01:35 PM Re: Little boxes in PDF [Re: Jean-Cédric]
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That works well!
Thank you Jean-Cedric!