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Why Partner with OL?

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By becoming an OL Partner, we will help you identify new opportunities and close deals.
And because only Objectif Lune Partners are allowed to sell our OL Solutions, joining our
Partner Program means becoming part of our community.

Scale the conversation

Selling a solution rather than a product gives you the opportunity to continue to re-visit your customer. Our solutions-based approach enables you to scale the conversation and take your customer on a journey. Once one business units’ issues have been resolved you can move to the next and look to resolve other business units’ issues. From AR to POD, our solutions provide you with a continuous potential conversation stream with your clients.

Capture more print

By framing what we offer in terms of solutions for our customers, rather than just products to sell, we have access to more customer in more areas of business. Our solutions take advantage of business process automation, allowing for the capturing and processing of more print. Our solutions enable you to raise the business need for leaner, faster print devices, increasing your deal size.


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Become an OL Partner

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