Monday, 14 August 2017

5 examples of how our customers are using OL products

Objectif Lune's solutions help many companies tackle the numerous challenges they encounter daily. Whether it be to automate processes, optimize printing or digitize communications, our customers can rely on our technologies.

Here are some new examples of the ways in which our products are being used. 
Two companies in the food sector chose PlanetPress to streamline their billing. Another company, in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry, benefited from being able to access data in real time through Capture OnTheGo:

  • Food industry: A beverage distributor, with employees on the road, automated its billing and other procedures. Thanks to PlanetPress, employees no longer need to manually check order numbers in order to avoid duplication. The documents are now digitized so that they can be stored on a digital medium. The order, invoice, and even the inventory, can now be automatically linked.
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  • Food industry: A food distributor optimized its billing and improved its cash flow with PlanetPress. Invoices are now sent by email with the delivery slip attached. The barcode allows for documents to be printed and sorted by customer so that all the right materials go into the right envelope.
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  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Industry: A service provider automated its various procedures and can now access field data in real time. The production of invoices is automated and faster. In addition, the company no longer has to juggle several different programs, including an inventory program.
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Already believers in our products, two UK companies in the printing sector updated their software to better meet their current needs:

  • One printer switched from PReS to PlanetPress Connect and cut business costs by 50%. The company can now provide multichannel communications and better turnover for customers, and in the meantime has decreased its specific requirements for scripting.
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  • A mail house that had already automated its print jobs with PReS gradually adopted the PReS Connect As a result, it reduced the time it takes to process documents from 25 minutes to 1 minute. The company can now process all sorts of data, such as PDFs, and has made a web portal available to its customers for submitting printing requests.
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Regardless of the industry involved, Objectif Lune has a solution for every customer! Feel free to send us other examples of how our products are being used!