Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Success story: Digitizing delivery slips with Capture OnTheGo

We love to share examples of how our products are being used. One such example involves a company that produces tiling. It used Capture OnTheGo to manage its daily store transactions as well as to optimize its delivery process.

With more than 300 stores using paper processes to complete orders, the company needed a tool to standardize the processes in all of its stores. The company handled a large volume of paper delivery slips, which took a great deal of time. And finding documents was no easy task.

The switch to digital had many benefits

The company implemented PlanetPress Connect and Capture OnTheGo to manage store orders and delivery slips electronically. By doing so, it considerably cut down on its paper use and sped up its administrative procedures. The move also helped reduce the costs of storage and scanner use.

By going digital, they could reconcile records more easily and were able to make the status of orders more visible. There are no longer any lost, illegible or incorrect delivery slips because they're automatically archived in digital format.

As a result, the company has significantly increased its workflow, handling more than 50,000 documents a day across its stores. A document can now be processed in under two seconds. That has lightened the load of store managers by up to one hour, leaving them more time for in‑store customers.

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