Thursday, 15 February 2018

Connect 1.8 new features summary

OL Connect 1.8 is the first version that contains features aimed at improving the way specific solutions can be implemented – in this case: Proof of Delivery.

But that’s not all of course, many bug fixes and improvements requested by customers, partners and YOU are also included.

Here is an overview of some of the new features:


  • Copyfit: The Designer can now automatically scale text content to fit the boundaries of a box. It can be set to scale all text or a specific element in that box by entering a CSS selector.

  • Conditional Print sections Wizard : A wizard has been created to simplify the process of creating conditional print sections. 

  • Simplified Web Font support: Online font resources like the Google Fontsallow you to use their fonts in non-commercial and commercial projects.

  • Page breaks inside lists: The pagination algorithm is now capable of splitting lists across pages.

  • Dynamically set Media background images: It is now possible to dynamically set the path for media backgrounds (aka Virtual Stationery).

  • Native support for Excel (XLS, XLSX) files: The DataMapper is now able to handle XLS and XLSX files natively.



  • Extracting Variables without using JavaScript : We’ve now made it much easier by providing a pick list of all available variables. No JavaScript required!


Job Creation and Output

  • Dynamic Finishing: Finishing has been improved to be a lot more powerful and flexible. So now you can staple document sets and punch holes in your segments. You can also have multiple finishing settings at the same level.

  • PDF Pass-through : It is now possible to instruct output creation to include PDF resources in the output file as-is.

  • Overprint for spot colors: Overprinting certain content on top of other content is sometimes required and now possible.


Performance related

  • PrintShop Mail Connect: For PrintShop Mail Connect, the speed limit in the license will be applied differently, resulting in faster printing. Instead of applying the licensed speed only to the last step of the print process (output creation), the speed limit is now applied to the whole print process; the time needed for data mapping, content creation and job creation is now considered as well. Output creation can now run as fast as is needed to have the entire process complete at the licensed speed.



  • Accessing the Connect Managed File Store: The Connect Server has its own File Store that it uses for transient files. With Connect 1.8, the Workflow tool implements three new tasks that allow you to upload/download/delete files in the Connect File Store.

  • Generating all contents using JSON instead of data records: With Connect 1.8, all Connect Create Content tasks now have the option of using a JSON string. The new feature makes it much easier to create Web or Email status pages that are delivered to the end user almost instantly, which is a must in today’s digital age.

  • Converting XML to JSON and JSON to XML: The new task is deceptively simple to use: pick a destination format (XML or JSON) and the job file is immediately converted to that format. No more scripting!

  • Deleting documents from the COTG repository: new Workflow task now allows them to delete a document from the COTG repository, using its ID.


Capture OnTheGo

  • New and improved COTG.js library:  Based on feedback from our Professional Services department a jQuery plugin variant of the cotg.js library has been developed. These concepts greatly simplify event based programming.


Rest API

  • JSON data support for Content Creation commands: New Content Creation endpoints in the API now support JSON as their data source instead of using a data record ID.


If you need more information about Connect 1.8, don't hesitate to contact your Sales Representative!