Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Release of OL Connect 2018.2: digital and print improvements

You’ve no doubt been waiting for the release of OL Connect 2018.2. As promised, here it is!

PrintShop Mail Connect, PlanetPress Connect and PReS Connect are now at version 2018.2. In this new version, we wanted to focus on our multichannel capabilities in order to better meet your customers’ expectations and help them go digital.

Version 2018.2 not only has print improvements, but the user experience has been enhanced as well.

Key changes with OL Connect 2018.2

Print improvements:

  • Easier to create documents and templates thanks to the new ERP Template Wizard

  • More control of print parameters

  • Free commingling: All users can now group and sort documents automatically

Digital features:

  • Pre-validating to allow data errors to be detected when output is created

  • Much easier workflow experience using JSON data format

  • New HTTP features for site redirection and authentication

For a more in-depth description of all the new features, consult the different data sheets:

What's new in PlanetPress Connect 2018.2

What's new in PReS Connect 2018.2

What's new in PrintShopMail Connect 2018.2

Don’t miss the release of OL Connect 2019.1 in the spring of 2019!