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Sunday, 13 October 2019

OLUK first year of fundraising success!


The last 12 months have been a very successful fundraising period for OL UK. At the beginning of the year the UK team were asked to nominate charities to support. The National Autistic Society and Diabetes UK were chosen, as personal causes for several members of the UK team. As newbies to the fundraising world, the team set out to do two things, promote awareness about the causes and challenging our own personal limits to raise funds for the respective causes. Over the year the team participated and hosted several activities including:

-        World Diabetes Day November 14th – The teams’ knowledge about Diabetes was tested with an Awareness Quiz over morning tea

-        November/December the UK team offered their building Christmas Gift Wrapping Services raising a total of £230

-        Diabetes Awareness Morning Tea – A Diabetes UK volunteer visited the office to educate the team about the causes of diabetes, the types of diabetes, preventing diabetes and resources available to test or manage diabetes. It was an extremely informative session for the team, were team members living with diabetes shared their personal experiences.

-        Celebrated World Autism Awareness Week 1st – 7th April, with a bake sale to raise funds for the team participating in the Manchester Autism Night Walks, were the team managed to raise £500.

-        In June, an Autism Awareness Session was hosted in the Training Suite, presented by The National Autistic Society Engagement Officer were the team had an insightful session on understanding autism. The session was a great eye opener for understanding how to be more considerate and accommodating for those on the autism spectrum.

-        August tested two of the OL UK team members courage. Participating in the Autism Charity Abseil off the Broadgate Tower in London (541ft – if that sounds high, believe it is high). One member was sick with nerves in the lead up to the abseil and one member overcame his fear of heights for the cause. The trio successful raised £1,000

-        The team stepped up again to the physical challenge to raise funds for Diabetes UK and participated in the Tough Mudder Challenge in Cholmondeley Castle. This was a true test of the physical capabilities and endurance of the team, again team members facing their fears of confined spaces and deep water to conquer the complete the challenge, also successfully raising £300.

In total the team raised £2,030 for National Autistic Society and Diabetes UK. A great first year of teamwork and awareness and fundraising for all the great work that the charities do.

About the National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society aims to create a society that works for autistic people and their families, by transforming lives and changing attitudes. Some of the services NAS offer include specialist autism schools, support services for mainstream education, one on one support to access activities outside their homes, social groups and family support. All funding raised will go towards all these great services, even small donations make a big difference. £7.50 funds a call with a specially trained Helpline Advisers, £12 funds an hour with a befriender for someone who would like to make friends but doesn’t know how.

Autism is a developmental disability which affects the way a person understands the world around them. All autistic people share difficulties in areas such as social imagination, social interaction, social communication, sensory sensitivities and non-verbal communication challenges. The degree to which they experience these difficulties vary, which is why autism is different for everyone. Autism awareness includes education about what they find difficult in those different areas and how to help them navigate those experiences to make different environments feel less overwhelming.

Visit https://www.autism.org.uk/ for more information.

About Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK offer information about Diabetes and offer services for support via helpline, local support groups, Type 1 events, advocacy service and even insurance. A strong focus is also on awareness about diabetes with 1 in 15 people in the UK having diabetes including 1 million with an undiagnosed Type 2 status. Their awareness programs and efforts are largely focused on Preventing Type 2 diabetes, with information on knowing your risk and reducing your risk with strategies on eating well, being active and managing weight. Diabetes UK also offer comprehensive resources for people living with diabetes.

Make sure you take this test to know your risk!

Visit https://www.diabetes.org.uk/ for more information.