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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Objectif Lune releases OL Connect 2019.2

Objectif Lune launches OL Connect 2019.2, with new unique features for PlanetPress Connect, PReS Connect and PrintShop Mail Connect. The second release for 2019 continues the focus on improving customer experience with new connectivity and usability functions.

OL Connect 2019.2 simplifies the user experience with new template design functions and scheduling settings to increase user efficiency and productivity. The latest release helps customers to pursue new markets, with an important new feature added, great for the e-invoicing market and digitising the business document distribution experience.

Exclusive new features for PlanetPress Connect and PReS Connect leverage the cloud to increase connectivity and data processing with an improved plug-in architecture streamlining integration with third party applications, completing end to end integration.

To learn more about the new features of OL Connect 2019.2 download the document.

What’s new in OL Connect Technology 2019.2