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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

OL Learn Technical Blog

Objectif Lune is proud to announce its new Technical Blog!

In the software business, you expect to find people who are passionate about technology. Whether we tag them as nerds, hackers, geeks, cracks, or techies, they are driven by this passion and above all, they like to share it!

They push limits, test performance, check for flaws, explore new features, and then they want to talk about it. Well, now they have their own spot to do so, the new Objectif Lune Technical Blog.

The blog contains articles written by Objectif Lune's most technically-savvy staff members. New articles are posted periodically, all of them related to products or solutions developed by Objectif Lune, and provide a hands-on, user-oriented approach.

These articles are there to polish up our users’ global understanding of OL offerings. Some are very OL-centric while others will tackle additional technologies that are integrated into or used alongside our own.

The articles presented are, of course, technical in nature. They discuss tips, procedures, and code examples but an effort is made to avoid complicated technobabble, so any OL customer can understand and learn from them.

The blog can also lead you to other available learning tools like the Forum, Tutorials, and the How-To resources.

The Forum is a place for the OL Connect community to share information and help others understand and use our software to its full potential. Our team also uses this forum as a source of inspiration for upcoming blog articles.

The Tutorials section contains many videos about our products and solutions; an easy way to learn about our software and its components.

The How-To section present instructions for specific tasks that can be performed by our software, in a detailed, step-by-step approach.

All these resources are presented to help support OL customers and partners. You can even help improve them by subscribing and sending suggestions for topics, ask questions on technical subjects, or provide comments about our blog posts.

To avoid missing any of these technical articles, be sure to subscribe to the Product Info option of OL Insider. There you may also choose to receive general OL company news and be updated when promotional offers are available.

We’ll see you on the INSIDE!