Monday, 14 July 2014

Apex Solutions LTD. to operate in China as ‘Objectif Lune China’

Objectif Lune has strengthened its distribution network in China with the help of Apex Solutions Limited.

Sydney, Australia - We have the pleasure of announcing the appointment of Apex Solutions Limited as our representative for China, who will operate under the name Objectif Lune China with effect from 1st July 2014. The appointment will further strengthen the Objectif Lune distribution network offering a localised service to all our customers and partners. This will facilitate a greater presence and interaction.

Apex Solutions Limited is one of the pioneers in the printer technology market with a wealth of experience in output consulting, printer distribution, and printer maintenance and supplier services. Apex has in the past worked with satisfied customers on workflow solutions, document reforming, print management, scan and retrieval technologies. Its commitment to enhancing the value to their customers, especially in the areas of Research and Development is commendable.

We are proud to welcome Apex Solutions Limited to the Objectif Lune family and we are pleased to be represented side by side with our Objectif Lune brands bringing in synergies to all at large.

Dealer and customer inquiries about the above arrangements are welcome, and those should be directed to Stuart Drysdale, Managing Director and President of Objectif Lune Asia on +612 8852 2599 or email

Apex as Objectif Lune China will continue to operate from the office at Room 918, No 400 Zhe Jiang Mid Road, Shanghai, China 200001, and please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Leo Chang, Ms. Ada Lee or Dr. Wing Fai Chow for all your Objectif Lune and PrintSoft Business needs.


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