Thursday, 18 September 2014

PlanetPress 7.6 : Compatible with the newest version of Windows

Today, we are releasing PlanetPress 7.6 with features and fixes most demanded by our customers. With a built-up reputation of being a fast and efficient toolbox, in this update, we are 1-up'ing PlanetPress. This means more flexibility, more simplicity, and of course we made some bugs crying out for mercy. Lucky for our users, our developers had no mercy to give out.


Download PlanetPress 7.6 here

More compatibility
  • Use PlanetPress on Windows 8.1 & Server 2012 R2.
  • Have PDF/VT as an output option in PlanetPress Imaging.
    Read what our VP of Technology has to say about PDF/VT: here.
  • Handle files larger than 2 GB in your processes. That means, amongst other, printing more, and fast.
  • Enjoy new barcodes : Royal Dutch Mail KIX, Royal Mail MailMark, USPS Intelligent Mail Package.
More simplicity
  • Use HCF files to configure and control OMR's.
  • Numerous SOAP-related fixes and improvements for better integration with 3rd party solutions.
We worked hard to improve PlanetPress for you
  • Opacity and transparency of objects when creating PDF 1.4 and up.
  • Numerous memory management improvements for increased and more reliable performance.
  • Metadata performance improvements for faster processing of complex jobs.
What about Capture improvements?
  • Capture object now supports lookup tables for ICR.
  • Pattern allocation based on Least Recently Used date.
  • Up to 20K patterns now available.
  • Change SQL statements used in accessing Database for improved performance and to fix deadlocks.

Take it for a spin and enjoy!
PlanetPress Development team

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