Monday, 2 February 2015

With Objectif Lune’s Capture OnTheGo, carry your forms, not the paper!

Montréal, QC, Canada

Did you know that 80% of corporate printing is related to transactions?

Did you know that, paradoxically, 80% of these printouts come from documents created electronically?

To solve this paradox, Objectif Lune has taken on the challenge of creating a software that allows its clients to use solutions that are adapted to the digital world in which we live in.

Therefore, Capture OnTheGo was created to facilitate the management of documents “on the go” and provide an alternative to transactional forms printing, allowing these to be processed digitally via a mobile application. This was all done to increase operational efficiency.

No more endless paper processing and error-prone methods, let’s automate!

Capture OnTheGo allows reduced inertia associated with paper processes by eliminating manual steps, like physically transporting forms, digitalisation, data gathering, and archiving, which are often sources of errors.

With Capture OnTheGo, the processes are automated and can be done in real time through the usage of mobile devices. Work orders, invoices, or any other transactional documents can be generated in real time, by simply sending a form. This allows for better operational efficiency and an increased cash flow.

Yes to tablets and multimedia

Since mobile devices are becoming a tool of choice for mobile employees, Capture OnTheGo now allows forms to be carried digitally and used on-site.

Furthermore, specific data like images, geo-localisation information, hand-written notes or signatures can easily be added – and the whole thing is synchronised in real time into corporate systems (ERP, CRM, archives…)

Quick and secure data transfer

Data is processed in a secured way and each user has access only to what is relevant and authorised for his or her role. And since only the data within the completed form is sent to the mobile application, the transfer is even faster.

All this with a mobile app

Using Capture OnTheGo on a daily basis is as simple as downloading and installing an app on a mobile device and using it as needed. It allows users to have access to their downloaded forms whether they are connected to the Internet or not.

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Objectif Lune develops open, flexible and enjoyable software intended to free customers from their inflexible IT infrastructure. We offer solutions for the composition, multi-channel distribution, and management, of any personalized business document or customer communications, independent of hardware compatibility and with full automation capability.

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