Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kiss your pre-printed paper good-bye

A solution that had helped hundreds in the UK and Benelux region is now available worldwide and has been redesigned.

Montreal, Canada – Virtual Stationery (www.virtualstationery.com), an Objectif Lune solution, is perfect for replacing pre-printed paper in companies. In the past year, this solution has proven to be valuable addition with hundreds of users in different sectors including legal and healthcare.

The solution offers simplicity for its users to modify stationery on-the-fly, easily and virtually.

Here’s 5 reasons Virtual Stationery will change your life:
  1. No more paper stock that cannot be edited
  2. No more stock and inventory management
  3. No more manual intervention
  4. No more wastage when it comes to changing letterheads because of changing corporate website, or changing address
  5. No more tray reconfiguration
Only Load Your Trays with Blank Paper

Virtual Stationery stores letterhead designs virtually as PDFs, replacing the need for physical stock. Now, there is no need to load and empty trays with pre-printed stationery, all the users need is blank paper and they can choose the right overlay at the time of printing.

Using PDFs in a centralised interface, Virtual Stationery can run from any Windows application and gives power to an admin to grant access to templates for certain groups in the organisation.

Perfect for companies that frequently send out communications using specific letterheads, need to eliminate human errors due to manual intervention such as paper tray reconfiguration, reduce their pre-printing related costs, and get more flexibility when it comes to corporate branding changes.

About Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune develops open, flexible and enjoyable software intended to free customers from their inflexible IT infrastructure. We offer solutions for the composition, multi-channel distribution, and management, of any personalised business document or customer communications, independent of hardware compatibility and with full automation capability.

For more information, visit www.objectiflune.com.
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