Tuesday, 20 October 2015

New InfoTrends White paper identifies key trends in data-driven communications that are affecting the market today

The customer communications space is fundamentally changing as electronic communication channels such as web, email, mobile and social media are added to the communication mix. A new White paper issued by InfoTrends and sponsored by Objectif Lune, identifies key trends in data-driven communications that are affecting the market today. It reveals that with its new Connect technology platform, Objectif Lune addresses these key challenges. Data-driven communications are a core element of a modern customer communications strategy.

The White paper Capitalizing on the Data-Driven Customer communications opportunity provides insight into:

  • data-driven communications today that are now true multi-channel design;
  • the enhancement of digital transactions;
  • the emergence of new engagement capabilities;
  • the adoption of digital self-service capabilities;
  • Objectif Lune’s solution with four components for managing data-driven customer communications: data mapping, multi-channel designer, workflow management, and output creation.

“Content design and delivery processes will benefit from the single data model, as well the possibility to reuse snippets of content in terms of time-to-market and cross-channel consistency. In addition, designing with standard web technology will encourage customers to add more interactive elements into communications, allowing for better customer experiences.” says InfoTrends about the Connect platform.


We illustrated this White paper into a video. Please watch it here.

Please find the White paper here. 


About Objectif Lune

Headquartered out of Montreal, Canada, Objectif Lune is serving over 20,000 organisations worldwide, with offices all around the globe. Objectif Lune was founded in 1993 and employs more than 240 employees worldwide today. It holds R&D centers in Canada, The Netherlands, and Australia.

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