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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Objectif Lune announces the launch of OL Connect 1.4!

Today, Objectif Lune announces the launch of OL Connect 1.4. Thanks to this upgrade, our users around the world will enjoy an interface in new languages and ready-to-use e-mail templates.

New languages for our interface

Because Objectif Lune and its users are in many countries, our interface is now available in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.

This improvement reflects Objectif Lune’s desire to offer its users the best possible service, meeting their expectations in the language they use in their daily lives.

Ready-to-use adaptable e-mail templates

With OL Connect, Objectif Lune successfully made the transition to digital and strives to remain on the look-out for the latest trends.

That’s why the ability to access adaptable e-mail templates is one of the improvements available. They’re made to facilitate users’ creation of digital communications using the most current mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Do you want to know more about OL Connect 1.4? Here are the complete lists of improvements.

- PlanetPress Connect 1.4

- PrintShop Mail Connect 1.4

- PReS Connect 1.4