Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Reducing the time it takes to process invoices from days to minutes 

Today Objectif Lune is proud to share the experience of one of its partners, Accenture.
Using Objectif Lune’s OL Connect technology, Accenture Brazil has fully automated the rent invoice processing task for Oi, a major telecom provider in Brazil.
By automating this process, they have been able to maintain control, cut the invoice processing time from days to minutes, reduce the risk of abuse and boost productivity.

A need to eliminate huge penalties for non-payment

Oi SA was dealing with significant penalties for missed or late payments.

“The company was paying an average of BRL$500,000 a year in penalties for late and missed payments,” explained Glaucio de Souza, Solution Architect at Accenture Brazil.

Accenture quickly understood where the problem lay and found an effective solution that was perfect for what the client needed: processing Oi’s rent invoices productively and accurately while giving Oi’s management a greater awareness of the overall process.

An efficient middleware system that delighted Accenture

With PlanetPress Connect, Accenture succeeded in working with Oi’s IT systems, while complying with their stringent security policies.
That shows the extent to which PlanetPress Connect can adapt to any environment, serving as a middleware and without affecting the systems in place.

Accenture Brazil plans to harness this success by using the same management solution for other customer projects.


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