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Friday, 17 February 2017

Objectif Lune announces the launch of OL Connect for ad hoc print and mail consolidation!

Objectif Lune is starting the year off with a bang and is proud to announce the launch of OL Connect 1.6! The main new functionality is an innovative driver, OL Connect Send. With this driver that teams up with OL Connect, we can introduce new applications such as ad hoc print and mail consolidation.

Objectif Lune was aware that the cost of ad hoc mail is overlooked in most organizations and wanted to help organizations save considerable costs through consolidation, automation and postal discounts. With this new application, ad hoc print job submissions are collected via an intuitive Web interface available 24/7, aggregated, and produced automatically, centrally. The solution can initiate document printing on a pre-established automated workflow. The printed material is then inserted into envelopes and mailed.

Perfectly suitable for print service providers, it allows them to stay ahead of the competition by offering a first-class customer experience with an easy-to-use web submission tool and consolidating ad hoc printing and mail orders. It will enable them to increase their volume and serve more customers without more overhead.  Are you ready for OL’s solution for ad hoc print and mail consolidation? The future is here: Receive, print and mail in one click!  

For more information, please visit our brand-new web site. 

About Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune has over 20 years’ experience in the printing industry. Our partners include leading printer manufacturers, and we have a base of over 15,000 customers. Our products helped usher in the era of digital printing and we have the technology to help our customers through the next print revolution, print automation through the Web.

  • We combine expertise in print technologies with Web technologies.
  • We offer short implementation times, a flexible price structure, support and knowledge transfer.
  • Our software is user-friendly, adapts to your way of doing business and allows you to support the solution yourself.
  • We have offices around the world so that we can provide effective support in a timely manner.