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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Objectif Lune launches OL Connect 1.8: more features, improved performance!

Objectif Lune is proud to announce the launch of OL Connect 1.8. With this latest version, OL Connect users can benefit from many improved features and better performance!

Beginners and experts alike can take advantage of:

  • a shorter learning curve with less coding

  • more control over sophisticated print settings, such as transparency and overprinting

  • improved interactive customer communications

  • a starter kit containing demonstrations of our “optimized proof of delivery” solution, including samples, templates and workflow

  • increased speed for PrintShop Mail Connect users

Overview of improvements

OL Connect 1.8 is part of our commitment to make life easier for users. Objectif Lune has made it its mission to improve the overall efficiency of the software so that it meets customer expectations.

  • PlanetPress Connect, PReS Connect and OL Connect users will see an increase in usability, with new wizards and editors. The graphical user interface (GUI) is better and there are colour management enhancements. Users can now have more control over output decisions.

  • PrintShop Mail Connect users get more speed, along with XLS input, eliminating the need to convert to CSV.

  • The Capture OnTheGo library has been updated so that it can automatically trigger the filling in of certain information, using metadata.

To learn more about each product’s new features, consult our technical data sheets or contact your representative.

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About Objectif Lune

OL is the largest global independent software creator specialized in Automating Business Communications. We provide tools for document design and composition, business process automation (BPA), multi-channel output management and capture / eForms. Our solutions produce communications that are personalized, relevant and consistent in batch, on-demand and interactive to achieve a better customer experience – the key driver of business growth in the digital age of the consumer.