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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Objectif Lune announces release of OL Connect 2018.2

The newest versions in our product lines are now available!

PrintShop Mail Connect, PlanetPress Connect and PReS Connect are now at version 2018.2. This new version brings advances that apply to both digital features and print capabilities. It reflects the fact that we are always striving to enhance the user experience to provide the best support possible to businesses in their digital transition.

What’s new in OL Connect 2018.2?

Here are some of the enhancements you’ll find:

  • The document templates allow you to include your own personalized information.

  • The commingling feature is included so that you can automatically group and sort documents at no extra cost.

  • The new design features give you greater scope and flexibility.

Version 2018.2 also has technical improvements, allowing you to detect and fix errors, giving you better control over your processes, and making the workflow experience easier.

As a reminder, Objectif Lune is now launching its products twice a year. The name of each release reflects that schedule. OL Connect 2018.2 is therefore the second release of 2018. The next product release is expected for the spring of 2019, and it will be called OL Connect 2019.1.

To find out more about the new features, download the different “What’s new” datasheets:

PlanetPress Connect 2018.2 What's new

PReS Connect 2018.2 What's new

PrintShopMail Connect 2018.2 What's new


About OL

OL is the largest global independent software creator specialized in Automating Business Communications. We provide tools for document design and composition, business process automation (BPA), multi-channel output management and capture / eForms. Our solutions produce communications that are personalized, relevant and consistent in batch, on-demand and interactive to achieve a better customer experience – the key driver of business growth in the digital age of the consumer.