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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Release of OL Connect 2019.1 by Objectif Lune

To honor its commitment of biannual releases, Objectif Lune would like to announce the arrival of PlanetPress Connect, PReS Connect and PrintShop Mail Connect 2019.1. In this release, we chose to focus on improving the users experience:

  • For new users who are just beginning to use our products, project wizards now accelerate getting started with the software.

  • For advanced users who enjoy OL Connects flexibility and advance scripting possibilities, a new script debugger will save a lot of time when troubleshooting an application.

  • For customers that require multilingual communications, we have facilitated the translation process.

  • For SMBs around the world, PlanetPress Connect is now available in a subscription model making it more accessible than ever.

What’s new in OL Connect 2019.1

Here are the three main new features that simplify the use of OL Connect 2019.1:

Project Wizards

Focusing on continuous improvement and optimized user experience, our developers have created “Project Wizards”. These are guides with predefined file and workflow structures to assist the user in getting started with common applications. It’s as simple as following the different steps.

Script Debugger

Advanced users will appreciate the new script debugger, which helps support technicians save time when troubleshooting solutions.

Multilingual translation templates

We are making the translation processes easier without the need for a line of code. Our software now gives users the possibility to translate dynamic elements in a template.

PDF/A-3 Support

Our users can now produce and archive documents in PDF/A-3, enabling the electronic and long-term conservation of documents. This also improves e-invoicing capabilities.  

Now available in a subscription model

Finally, the best part of is that now in 2019.1, just like with PReS Connect and PrintShop Mail Connect, PlanetPress Connect is available as a subscription-based license. This means that new customers will be able to choose between a perpetual or annual license, whichever is best suited to their accounting and financial needs. It also reflects Objectif Lune's desire to better match the digital and technological transformation context of today's businesses, especially SMBs.

To learn more about what's new in OL Connect 2019.1, download the datasheets for each product:

PlanetPress Connect 2019.1 What's new

PReS Connect 2019.1 What's new

PrintShopMail Connect 2019.1 What's new


If you want to get all the details of the new features now available, read the release notes:

Release Notes 2019.1 PlanetPress Connect

Release Notes 2019.1 PReS Connect

Release Notes 2019.1 Printshop Mail Connect

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