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Friday, 11 October 2019

Capture OnTheGo is more affordable and easier to buy thanks to a new subscription bundle

Capture OnTheGo, the mobile solution for data capture in the field developed by Objectif Lune, is now available as an all-inclusive bundle that includes all customers need to create a mobile solution for up to 10 users.  

This new offering has a lower price point and is easier to buy as an all-in-one subscription license. It’s more affordable making it even more accessible to SMB’S. 

Capture OnTheGo's key benefits  

Capture OnTheGo is fully customisable, includes automation and connects to any system to provide a complete end to end mobile data capture solution:

  • Customization: Mobile App and forms are easy to design and modify according to the customer’s brand or needs.

  • Automation: Real-time data capture allows companies to communicate with their customers every step of the way, speeding-up business processes such as; proof of delivery, customer on boarding, work orders in the field etc.

  • Connectivity: It’s compatible with any system and documents. Data can be saved directly to the App. Items extracted from a database can be stored, queried and used on the go, even if there is no internet connection.

Don’t hesitate to download the brochure to know more about Capture OnTheGo 

About Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune is the largest global independent software creator specialized in Automating Business Communications. We provide tools for document design and composition, business process automation (BPA), multi-channel output management and capture / eForms. Our solutions produce communications that are personalized, relevant and consistent in batch, on-demand and interactive to achieve a better customer experience – the key driver of business growth in the digital age of the consumer.