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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Release of Connect 2019.2: Connectors, PDF signing and performance improvements

With our second release of the year, PlanetPress Connect, PReS Connect and PrintShop Mail Connect 2019.2 are getting a lot of improvements in their processing speed and usability. The creation of new workflow plugins extends their functionality to ensure faster and more reliable communications and better performance.

OL Connect 2019.2 leverages the cloud and increases connectivity with other systems thanks to a new plug-in architecture. To help pursue new markets, this release has expanded the ability to sign PDFs and makes it easier to develop connectors to third party systems. 

What’s new in OL Connect 2019.2

Here are the main new features of OL Connect 2019.2:


A new connector has been created in order to allow the uploading and downloading of files to M-Files from OL Connect Workflow. This makes M-Files a good fit to use with our solutions such as Proof of Delivery, to store things like delivery notes for example.

PDF Signing

Digital signatures on PDFs are now possible, an important feature for the e-invoicing market. 

Improvements to Email

Email communications are now faster and more reliable thanks to new plug-ins. Integration with Email Service Providers (ESP) such as SendGrid and MailJet is now easier. Customers now have the ability to track data and analytics in one place.

Easier Template Design

Template design becomes easier with the new Dynamic Section Backgrounds wizard and the option to Import Template Resources from existing templates."

Learn more about the new features in greater detail:

What’s new in OL Connect Technology 2019.2

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