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Sunday, 1 March 2020

UK Launches 2020 Partner Programme with new features

Manchester, UK: Today, Objectif Lune, a company specialising in streamlining communications, workflows, and customer communications has released its latest Partner Programme for sales representatives. This new release includes two new aspects, their Recognition & Incentive Programme and the Objectif Lune Club: OL Champions.

These new incentives will provide sales representatives ways to keep track of their milestones as they continually bring in new, fully completed and installed business deals. As partners increase their Club Status, Objectif Lune will publicly announce partner accomplishments, and award members as they hit each milestone in their ascension. Colin Casey, the Chief Product Officer and VP of Marketing has stated that, “With these new Partner Incentives and Recognition Programmes, I am confident that our teams will propel Objectif Lune into an even brighter future moving forward.”

2020 Objectif Lune UK Partners include:

·       Platinum: Canon, Ricoh

·       Gold: Apogee, Computacenter, Pitney Bowes, Sharp

·       Silver: Capja, Virtuoso Partners

·       Bronze: Brinmore, Landall

For further details on OL Champions and the Recognition and Incentive Programme, please consult the Recognition and Incentive Programme document.

About Objectif Lune: Founded in 1995, Objectif Lune has been focused on bettering customer communications by using state of the art technology which has led the company to becoming a leader in composition, business process automation, multi-channel output, and capture solutions.