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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Objectif Lune launches OL Connect 2020.2

With the release of OL Connect 2020.2, Objectif lune reinforces its commitment to enhancing software offerings, with a more secure, efficient, and cloud-oriented technology.

This latest release is packed with new features and improvements, notably for PReS Connect and OL Connect Send, which enable users to work smarter while getting more out of their software.

PReS Connect users will benefit from improved productivity, with the added parallel processing power. 
The simplified installation process, overall performance improvements, and better support for domains, make the latest version of OL Connect Send the right choice to manage office and remote printing needs.

Other enhancements include an improved licence mechanism to fit installations in a cloud environment, the ability to create signed pdfs with attachments, enhanced security with controlled access to the OL Connect Server, and so much more …

To learn more about the new features and improvements found in OL Connect 2020.2, please read the “What’s new in OL Connect Technology 2020.2” datasheet.

For more insight on OL Connect Send V1.7 please read the “What’s new in OL Connect Send V1.7” datasheet.