Where is Pres Automate is at?

Posted by: Choppy1005

Where is Pres Automate is at? - 08/10/17 03:25 PM

Im new here. Just like to know any documentation about +pres automate? I was told by a co-worker that automate allows ftp functionality like email notofication and movings files to destination and things like that.
Posted by: PReSPro76

Re: Where is Pres Automate is at? - 08/15/17 10:04 PM

Hi Choppy,
+PReS Automate is a workflow management system geared toward the needs of high volume document environments. It provides a framework for the automation and control of the various processes a document needs to go through from the capture of data to generation and flow of output. In its simplest form, it can be used to automate single print requests. It can also be the engine that makes the automated decisions within a complex processing environment.

It does have a FTP capture capability and can generate e-mail reports as necessary through the workflow. If you would like to read the User Manual for +PReS Automate, please send an e-mail to support.au@printsoft.com
Posted by: Choppy1005

Re: Where is Pres Automate is at? - 08/27/17 02:34 PM

Thank you for quick overview and will email support as advice!