Send to Folder - UNC

Posted by: Rolf

Send to Folder - UNC - 12/06/18 01:19 PM

I am using the "Send to Folder" to output a file. Considered this is output folder is a resource on the network, can UNC be used to point to that folder?
Posted by: Jean-C├ędric

Re: Send to Folder - UNC - 12/06/18 01:46 PM

UNC path should always be used anywhere in your Workflow process. Although at design time, mapped drive might work, they will not once you run this live as Workflow will not have access to said mapped drive.

Simply make sure that the service user, under which Workflow services will run, has read/write/modify access to said network drive.
Posted by: Jim Dornbos

Re: Send to Folder - UNC - 01/04/19 03:48 PM

And for the sake of reliability and speed, you should consider writing it out locally, then add a branch to capture the folder and send to the network folder when done.