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#45053 - 10/01/13 06:19 AM Snap object to list that uses line repeat
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I have a list of orders that are read from a XML file (about 100 or so). The From iteration is set to 1 and the To iteration is set to 0. For the Condition to exit and overflow I have used =&iterationcount > (&TotalLines - 1) where TotalLines = the total number of lines I want to display on the page. I have also checked Do not overflow if last record reached.

I would like to snap a text block to the bottom of this list but since the To iteration is set to 0 it will create a block that has the size to hold the 100 records but only shows the first 20 because of the Condition to exit and overflow so the block of items will be very long and will exceed the page itself. The Textbox is snapped at the bottom of the list so this is ok but it is never shown on the last page (where I want it) because it is probably out of the scope of the page.

I tried to set a global variable and use that as a global height for the whole block + the text I want at the bottom and then just use a =add(&TopDetails,mul(inttofloat(&TotalLines),&ItemHeight)). This puts the text box somewhere around the middle of the visible block of orders which is strange because it should be somewhere around the bottom (not completely because I didn't account for the header yet).

How can I use a line repeat and still be able to snap an object at the bottom and make it visible on the last page?

#45078 - 10/03/13 12:15 PM Re: Snap object to list that uses line repeat [Re: Dennis vd Meer]
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Dear Dennis,

I Created a text objet where I’m displaying the description of an item. My XML file for 1 customer contains 100 items with 100 descriptions
On the Objet under repeat, on Xpath I set it to: /Statement[1]/Transactions[1]/Transaction, from iteration 1 to iteration 0, condition to exit an overflow: =&iterationcount >(&TotalLines-1) And do not overflow if last record reached is selected.
In the text field I created a local variable where I assign this : /Statement[1]/Transactions[1]/Transaction[1]/Message[1].
This being set on the first objet, over Snapping Points you need to select Set snapping point on the bottom left, on the second object you need select Snap to previous objet on the top left.
If this don’t help you need to open a support ticket here:

Hope this helps,