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Jump to new posts Re: Single & Double Quotes by Rolf @ 09/18/20 04:08 PM

I was thinking there was a way to do that. I opened up Notepad++ and working through this. Is there a quick set of instructions to do this?
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Jump to new posts Re: Switching Printer Trays by Jean-Cédric @ 09/17/20 12:06 PM

So it is working?
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Jump to new posts Re: PP Suite Workflow Config - W1534 - Out of memory by Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre @ 09/17/20 10:00 AM

Hi dvbsf, If you have issues, it would be best to start a new thread to describe your own specific problem, or contact Technical Support, as opposed to reviving very old threads. Unfortunately, if memory is leaking, there is no "clear memory&q
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Jump to new posts Re: Transfering Printer License. by cmedeiros @ 09/16/20 01:18 PM

Hola Victor, Favor enviar su solicitud para que ellos se encargan de las solicitudes de la región. Gracias.
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Jump to new posts Re: Text wrapping by Jean-Cédric @ 09/16/20 09:33 AM

Code: define(&theField,string,XmlGet('/PLANETPRESS_DATA_FILE[1]/CUSTOMER[1]/Company[1]')) search(&theField,'-') show(&theField) crlf() endsearch() show(&theField) Something like this worked for me. Of course, you
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Thanks for that idea. If we are willing to do it with Metadata- can that accomplish this and if so, what would we do to get that value?D7y8