Anoto patterns missing

Posted by: wjung

Anoto patterns missing - 11/28/13 11:35 AM

I'm using PP-Production
The configuration includes fetching documents printed into PP via PP-Driver(RAW,create pdf), adding header, footer and logo printed in color for the first page and b/w for the folowing pages, adding a PJL header and footer to the printfile to maintain the joblist on the printer. Until here everything works perfect. Some documents printed in this queue must be signed by the customer and returned. So I added a condition to identfy the page, where the Anoto-pattern should appear and added the capture fields.
When I take PPDesign-7 and send the designed document to the printer, the Anoto-pattern is visible.
When I take the debug feature of PPProduction-7-Configuration and debug the workflow with a pdf, the Anoto-pattern is visible.
When I print the same pdf into the winqueue input, there is no pattern.
What did I wrong.
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Re: Anoto patterns missing - 11/29/13 11:20 AM


Can you please give use more details as what you mean by "When I print the same pdf into the winqueue input, there is no pattern."

Are you trying to rerun a PDF that was already created?

It might be better to open up a support call so we can look into it.

Posted by: wjung

Re: Anoto patterns missing - 12/11/13 08:59 AM

I apologize for the delay. I was out of Office severál days.
In my workflow.pw7 there is a process with a winqueue Input. Configured with the PP-Printer Driver, spool RAW Format, create pdf and optimize.
When I open my Document in ADOBE Reader an print into this winqueue the Patterns are missing. When I change the winqueue to file Input and copy the pdf into the watchfolder the Patterns are printed. I can use this Document in debug mode, also and everything work properly.