Metadata in Capture Documents

Posted by: Anees

Metadata in Capture Documents - 12/17/13 04:48 AM

I am using PlanetPress to deliver documents in to SharePoint for a workflow using the SharePoint Plugin. Naturally, document metadata (custom defined in PP design) is so very important at the time of upload to SharePoint. This works brilliantly in direct documents.

The trouble starts when I need to use the metadata on documents with Capture fields. Metadata is not available as a part of the document on 'get capture document'. So all metadata created in the Create Capture Fields & print process is lost on the PGC process and I need to find alternative mechanism to recreate the metadata (by creating another design with PDF file as input) or save and load metadata in next process. Both these alternatives are not very attractive though I am forced to use them as a work around at this point of time.

Can any one help me with a better option to deal with custom metadata on capture documents? Thanks in advance for your help.
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Metadata in Capture Documents - 12/17/13 01:14 PM


If you need to save and load metadata files between processes, you may want to try the "Metadata Management" action, which allows you to either save or load a metadata file from a location. So you could save it in one process, and load it in another one.

However, be careful messing around with the Capture-generated metadata. The Metadata that the various Capture-related actions generates contains all sort of information needed to produce correct results. Deleting, replacing or otherwise altering this metadata could potentially prevent Capture from working correctly.

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre
Posted by: Anees

Re: Metadata in Capture Documents - 12/23/13 04:37 AM

Hello Raphael,
Thanks for the advice about the Capture Generated metadata and understand the sensitivity there.

Saving and Loading metadata between processes opens up a whole new dimension of problems such as file identification, storage space management and process delays etc.

This can be easily addressed if the capture generated metadata can have an add on area for user / document metadata. This metadata can be managed / manipulated by user in the Get Capture process.

I will be happy to set up call with you to explain the use case scenario so that we can have a solution at least in your future releases. I am positive a lot of other capture users will have a similar problem to solve.