PDFList table in capture database

Posted by: sam200501

PDFList table in capture database - 03/10/14 12:46 PM

The PDFList table in my capture database keeps growing. The two suggestions I have received is to change the way that I close my documents or to delete and recreate the capture database. Neither of these solutions is acceptable. The documents that seem to close incorrectly and leave stranded PDFList records are done using the "close document" function in the document manager. Has anyone written a SQL script that will spin thru the PDFList table and delete stranded records? I am assuming that if I link the PDFList to the Document table by PDFId that I would be safe to delete any un-matched records.
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: PDFList table in capture database - 03/13/14 01:23 PM

No need for SQL statements or scripts. You can do all of that using the native PlanetPress Workflow Tools.

You should create a process that runs at regular intervals (say, every Saturday night). The process starts with a Find Capture Document input task in which you can specify the conditions that will determine which PDF's should be removed from the database.

The Process will then loop through every single result from the Find Capture Document query. So immediately following the input task, you can simply add a Get Capture document task with the Close document after retrieval option ticked.

Then, end the process with a Delete task.
Posted by: sam200501

Re: PDFList table in capture database - 05/20/14 11:06 AM

That doesn't work. I am closing the documents manually using the document manager. That is closing the documents and freeing up the pattern, but the records get stuck in PDFList. The workflow tool you are suggesting does nothing because the documents are closed. Therefor the script never finds them, so it deletes nothing. Plus, that command runs FOREVER. We print thousands of documents per day and that command is a dog. It drags down the whole server while it runs. I have tried that process and it is not a viable solution for me. I want to continue closing documents using the document manager, but I want them to also get deleted from the PDFlist table.