How to split a PDF

Posted by: Alain B

How to split a PDF - 08/21/15 04:44 PM

Hi I receive one PDF that may contain 300 statement
I need to read the pdf and merge the PDF with a form

This part is currently working,

The problem is we sent the PDF that will fold the statement and the machine doesn't accept PDF who have more than 8 pages.

So I need to split Each PDF Created into different PDF's that will be saved into a folder.

Then another process will search if it found PAGE:9 in the document if yes it will send it to a different printer if PAGE:9 doesn't exist I will print to the printer who does the folding

My question is HOW to achieve that and what is the best approach.
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: How to split a PDF - 08/24/15 11:20 AM

Hi Alain,

When you capture your pdf files, you can make a simple Text Condition to look for "PAGE:9" in a specific region, and you can choose "Any Page" to look at all the pages of the pdf. This means that the condition will be true if it finds PAGE:9 anywhere within the pdf, otherwise, it will be false. You can then have a different printer queue in each of the True and False branches of that condition, to send to the correct printer.

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre