Find text and insert signature

Posted by: moricaud

Find text and insert signature - 02/16/17 09:43 AM

I have below problem.
My external solution generete a lot of pdf's with different templates with signature place (white font -> @signature@)

I need to use anato pen and make something like this:

Capture pdf.
Find "@signature@"
Insert Anato Pattern and print
Customer use Anato Pen
Insert signature to PDF.

It is possible using planetpress design and workflow?
Posted by: MartinS

Re: Find text and insert signature - 02/23/17 08:43 AM

To find the text shouldn't be an issue (see Talk function region()), but to find out the coordinates where it was found could be tricky, maybe doing a series of region() calls on subsequent lines, and when it's found you know the place.