OMR marks for a mailer machine

Posted by: kigo

OMR marks for a mailer machine - 06/28/11 05:54 AM

I have designed a Bank statement which is being printed out satisfactorily,however,the same print outs need to be put in an envelop by a machine called Kern Mailer.I understand that there are some conditions and some OMR marks that I need to specify on the planet press design but I don't know how to do it.The conditions are neeeded to enable the kern mailer identify how many statements belonging to a given customer should go to a specific Envelop.Please assist on how I should achieve this.

Posted by: cosimo

Re: OMR marks for a mailer machine - 06/30/11 09:13 AM


Basically you will build you OMR marks using Text box that will make the lines for you.
Then you need to apply a condition on each line.
The conditions are usually based on pages.
Each insterter has their own logic, so I would say to consult with the specs of the inserter.

Posted by: kigo

Re: OMR marks for a mailer machine - 07/02/11 12:37 AM

hi cosimo,
The sample you suggested has worked like charm,thanks alot.