Convert Date Formatting

Posted by: KP_ABD

Convert Date Formatting - 01/31/14 10:57 AM

So, I have a Date data field I am reading in:
Alpha	letterdate      L8
	Date	D_letterdate      L8

Full_Letterdate     L50

In the data,
letterdate = 12312013
which makes:
D_letterdate = 12/31/2013

in my code I have:

CONVERT Full_Letterdate, D_LetterDate, ',EF '

This populates Full_Letterdate with "December 31 2013"

I need that to be: December 31, 2013

The Pres conversion is missing the comma after the day.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Convert Date Formatting - 02/05/14 09:42 AM

This is a known shortcoming for the DATE function to not properly insert the comma. You will need to insert one manually.