Pres Update Notifications/communications?

Posted by: KP_ABD

Pres Update Notifications/communications? - 02/26/14 10:05 AM

When Printsoft used to provide version updates via physical media, they would send my company the DVD installers.

Now that Printsoft/OL has changed to download method, this communication of updates has been broken.

I usually find out about updates only when I happen to come across an issue, that would have been resolved in a newer version.

Is there a update notification system that I may not know about? It would be very beneficial to us if we were kept in knowledge of updates to Pres like we used be when it was supplied via physical media.

Thank you.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Pres Update Notifications/communications? - 02/27/14 08:58 AM

This post was addressed via a support ticket that was raised 2/26.

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