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SETOFFSET - 09/25/14 05:37 AM

We have found an issue when using the SETOFFSET command on our laser's (both different to each other) we looked in the PReS help and found that it is not supported anymore- "This instruction may still be found in legacy applications, but is no longer officially supported.
". What do people recommend to use instead especially when trying to program 2-up jobs?

Many Thanks
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Re: SETOFFSET - 10/08/14 06:39 AM

A variable can be used to emulate a SETOFFSET like result for positioning. TO the idea of:

NUMERIC in_Left = 2.5
NUMERIC in_Right = 6.0
NUMERIC in_Offset
IF(side = left)
in_Offset = in_Left
in_Offset = in_Right
SETMARGIN (0.5+in_Offset)
SETXY $margin, 1.0
MOVE ia_TextString