Data Matrix C40 Encoding

Posted by: DSS

Data Matrix C40 Encoding - 01/09/15 11:48 AM

I need to produce a Data Matrix Barcode with C40 encoding.

I have a field length of 70, the barcode generates OK with all the settings at 'auto' but th barcode is not C40 encoded. If I select Base41 for C40 encoding, I get the error message 'Barcode error, barcode engine return code67.' in the print control.

I am using PReS V6.3.0.0
Posted by: alyr_1481

Re: Data Matrix C40 Encoding - 01/12/15 10:28 AM

Just received this from OL Care:

You will need PReS v6.3.0.2 to be able to generate the new Royal Mail Mailmark barcode with the correct C40 encoding. A new barcode type named CMDM RoyalMail DataMatrix has been added to the PReS Barcode Wizard. Please use this module instead of the standard Datamatrix module.

PReS v6.3.0.2 can be downloaded from the following FTP site
User: <Contact OL care for user name>
Password: <Contact OL care for password>


Hope this helps.