TLE on page node

Posted by: ErikAtSTE

TLE on page node - 02/11/19 04:42 AM

How is it possible to set a TLE tag on page level node?

By using the PReS IDE help in the section "Indexing with Tag Logical Elements", I managed to set the TLE tag in the current Group, using the GROUP keyword as described in the help section.

But I cannot see what keyword (or command) I should use to set the TAG on a page node instead.

Is it even possible to set a TLE on a page instead of in a group?
Posted by: Yann

Re: TLE on page node - 03/25/19 11:44 AM

in order to add a TLE at Page level, you would have to install PReS to version 6.3.1.
Then you would be able to use Page level with APPEND TLEText, "PTLE:Customer Name,"
"PTLE" tag is for Page level.

Do not install the lastest version (6.3.4), an issue with it occurs and would be solved for 6.3.5