Issue Ticket Number 29395, Digital Imaging issue

Posted by: Ken Stulce

Issue Ticket Number 29395, Digital Imaging issue - 03/09/06 04:25 PM

Hello OL,

I'm receiving this error while having Image installed with Watch. I have opened an issue ticket, but haven't heard anything back and was hoping that someone on the newsgroup may be able to help me. Here's the error: "W3640 : Digital Imaging action only works if PlanetPress Image is installed".

The process that I'm using Digital Imaging for is capturing a postscript print file from an LPD queue, reading through the data with a Perl script to get index information, then running the PS file through the Digital Imaging plugin. The plug used to work, but I had a problem with the activation code which caused Image to expire. I have since received a new activation code and this has been when all of the problems started.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Watch and Image several time, but am still receiving the same results.

I am not for sure what to do, but I have to get this working as it is part of the workflow.

Please let me know if you have any ideas to try.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Issue Ticket Number 29395, Digital Imaging issue - 03/10/06 08:47 AM


Please be informed that as you opened an issue yesterday with us, we will keep working your case under the open issue.

Also be informed that someone communicated with you yesterday as well via email as you opened the case through email.
Posted by: Ken Stulce

Re: Issue Ticket Number 29395, Digital Imaging issue - 03/10/06 12:52 PM

Sorry Denise, I wanted to add some other comments to the ticket, as the only things that can be added are files.

I did receive a response from Raphael and can email other comments that I may think can help with troubleshooting. Is there a way to add additional comments to the original ticket, that only allows 2000 characters/words, after the initial posting?

Thanks again.