Watch doubles a file after forlder capture

Posted by: Harter

Watch doubles a file after forlder capture - 09/21/06 11:53 AM

Watch Version

Never had this happen on any version of Watch before. Captured a file then doubled it before processing it.

This is the capture part of the log. Notice the capture file size and the processing file size.
WPROC: ACH_Print - 08:06:15

DEBUG: Starting plugin InputDirectory - 08:06:15
DEBUG: Input path: C:\PPress4\DataFiles\ACH\Print
DEBUG: Parsed path: C:\PPress4\DataFiles\ACH\Print
DEBUG: Mask: *.prt
DEBUG: Parsed mask: *.prt
DEBUG: Processing file C:\PPress4\DataFiles\ACH\Print\ACH_C000246.prt
INFO : File captured : C:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite 4\PlanetPress Watch\Spool\21.tmp\job1C7B23FB.dat, size:  [B]2193 bytes[/B] 
DEBUG: Backup input file to C:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite 4\PlanetPress Watch\Backup\ACH_Print\ACH_Note_2006-09-21_0ZITQGIDOZQWB81.txt
INFO : Plugin InputDirectory completed successfully - 08:06:15

DEBUG: Starting plugin OutputDirectory - 08:06:15
DEBUG: Path: C:\PPress4\DataFiles\ACH\Print\Backup
DEBUG: Parsed path: C:\PPress4\DataFiles\ACH\Print\Backup\
DEBUG: Filename: ACH_@(1,1,1,11,KeepCase,Trim)_%y-%m-%d_%h%n%s.prt
DEBUG: Parsed filename: ACH_C000246_2006-09-21_080615.prt
INFO : File sent : C:\PPress4\DataFiles\ACH\Print\Backup\ACH_C000246_2006-09-21_080615.prt, size:  [B]4386 bytes[/B] 
INFO : Plugin OutputDirectory completed successfully - 08:06:15
This process picks up a file generated by a separate process that generates the same file 2 times once for Indexing into AX5 the other for Print/Fax/Email. The Index version of this file ran without any problems, as did 20 other Print files.

After capturing the file the system is making it's backup and we are placing another backup for the users. Somehow during the capture the file size goes from 2193 bytes to 4386 bytes. Both the Watch and User file are 4396 bytes. The other process says that it output and this process captured 2193 bytes.

I have some data to clear out but later today I will try the run again to see what I get. Still need to know if there is something that can cause this. These files are ment to go directly to the customer. Right now that can't happen until I can tell them this won't happen again.

Posted by: stuartg

Re: Watch doubles a file after forlder capture - 09/22/06 05:42 AM

This problem is the subject of several previous posts;f=27;t=000283;f=27;t=000205

It occurs randomly in V4 Watch, so you should almost certainly get a clean file if you rerun the job.

In the current version (V5.3) the problem is fixed.